Unapenda Nani? Nini? is on YouTube

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Reviews
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Kimathi’s got talent. These guys are sizzling. They are making a statement in the entertainment industry and if you wanna beef, please step back and revise your piece. They are on it and are coming out strongly. If you’ve not heard them, you are missing out a new better twist of the local music industry. They just dropped their debut music video, and dammit, this shit is dope.

Shot at the most sought out after, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, this song is a hit. The song dubbed unapenda nini wewe loosely translated to ‘what do you love?’ is a question that most of the artist featured in the song try to answer in their various verses.

Verse one starts with MikeSpux who enunciates his love for swagger in a tight drift of rap expertise and proficiency of the English language. His intro captures your attention and builds your curiosity of what to expect from the rest of the gang. Verse two enters Siron whose flow can only be compared to that of Notorious BIG!!!  Rapping in Kiswahili, he states his love for money and relates it to wasupa. Siron will give you the flow, cant beef with that, can you?

I like Danny Boy. In verse three, Danny Boy utters his love for ghetto life. From his dreadlocks, Danny boy claims he embraces every person living the ghetto life especially those with locks as his. In verse four, Joe drops in with a cool style, describing his love for cars, soft style of rap, He drops his punch lines in a way that changes the rhythm of the song in an amazing way!

Verse five enters Just Joe who describes is love for rap and hip-hop music. Just like you’d expect someone who loves hip-hop, Just Joe does not disappoint, he delivers his verse in the classic hip-hop style, just with the correct faces, rap and dance. Lyrical Kris enters in the last verse with lyrical kikuyu flow. His verse gives the song a unique turn and give the song a place for shelter.

Produced by Wachi Production, the quality of the video is amazing. The humility achieved by integrating the color of the surrounding. This is a must watch video. There is talent in this country and after this song, you will agree too. With the limited resources this gang could get, what they did is marvelous. Be sure to look it here and enjoy!!

I like the video and the music. The music mostly. Something limiting with the video though, is the scenery. The video is shot at only one scene! This prevents the viewers the and wide coverage and taste of the setting. The heart of hip-hop which is mostly viewed as flossing and bragging is not depicted clearly in the video.

However, being a startup, and being that these guys are just now making their entry into the entertainment scene, their work is likely to get even better. These guys deserve the credit. With the creativity and the content displayed in this hit, I would give a seven out of ten. What a hit? Check them out here.

  1. Kwingah says:

    It’s great one bro… Mm nampenda God, we wampenda nani nn?


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