Mwitu Pt 2

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Campus Tales
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The latest craze in the mwitu market has been slim cutting of sim-cards to fit the phone of mwitu providers. Most people have now opted to replace their sim-cards to micro-sims even when their phones do not require this. While some of these people opted for the option of buying a brand new sim which comes already cut into micro-sim, others just took their original sim to the sim-doctor.


Initially, most smartphones came with a slot that could fit the huge sim-card. This has changed over the years with most smartphones now providing a slot for the micro sim only. This has seen most mobile users head back to the shops to have their sim-cards trimmed down to fit their new phones. While some of these customers have real new phones which require this micro-sim, most of them are people in need for mwitu and their mwitu consultant advised them to trim their huge sim-cards to micro-sim.

I don’t know how it’s done but from what I have observed, the mwitu consultant takes your sim-card then asks you to chapa lap and come after some time. You know that shit they tell you ukienda kwa fundi wa redio ama saa? This can take as short as five minutes or as long as two days. It heard it depends on the availability of ‘the CODE’. Finding an unredeemed code is tough job unless your mwitu consultant is one of the few who are good with the trends and has the latest codes in town.

Such types are known to have ready CODES in stock for you, they can however charge you anything, depending on how they woke up that day. I may be wrong but I have a feeling these guys can redeem just anything. Let’s just say that’s what I thought after I saw a screenshot of someone with 2k worth airtime. I don’t trust screen shots though. Photoshop things, you know.

mwitu 2

After your mwitu consultant has loaded your sim with 3GB or 8GB data, here comes the challenge. This data expires in a month! Which means you have to exhaust you 8GBs in a month. You might have wondered where those people who send a 15Mb video on a Whatsapp group get their data. See that? We found you. The next time someone send an 80mb funny clip on whatsapp, ask them about their peddler’s contact.

Problem however comes in when your mwitu guy loaded only 1.5GB. Most of you will find that so little for a month. Depending on the number of Double-taps you do Instagram, RTs you give on Twitter, Funny Videos you share on Whatsapp, Voice notes you send your boyfriend, hatred you spread of Facebook, or whatever you do with your data. When your 1.5 GB is over, you have to wait till one month elapses. Say you’re loaded with 1.5GB on 1st of January and it’s over by 11th of January, you have to wait till 31st.

You can’t take an advance here. Though I heard about a code which renews itself for the consecutive four months. It’s not easy to find it though. You didn’t expect it to be cheap either, did you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however, the undeniably largest network provider in the market, Safaricom  found a way to fix this late last year 2015.

Though some codes are still being traded out here, these are just kicks of a dying horse and they’ll be over soon. Their ardent competitor, airtel has not done anything yet and their mwitu is still in the market. This has seen most consumers moving to their network. I don’t how this will end but what I can say is that some people will have to pay for their debts. Just like the Lannisters!!!


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