That girl

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Life
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Boys have girlfriends, and girls, boyfriends. By the time you hit thirty (where they say life starts), let’s say the’ cool gang’ have had a number of girlfriends, Switched between favorite love quotes, put  a few ladies’ pictures as your whatsapp profile picture and also changed your status a few times to describe your current love life.

You know those quotes that best suits your current status? I once saw this one that said; ‘You have to kiss a FEW frogs to find the right one, but not the whole fucking ocean.’ Funny quote, right?? You can guess the picture that was there. It’s funny that even after dating a dozen of ladies, most guys still find it hard on deciding the one to commit to, to settle down with.

There are those girls that you cannot really talk about because you don’t remember anything about them, except for that one night stand that had your expensive luxuriated timepiece get lost. You can’t remember if skuta sneaked in and took it because it was smelling of nyamachoma, or your good girl kept it for you.


Then there are those girls, that haters say, you remember like it was yesterday, their memory is still fresh in your mind,  you would want to hunt her down and ask her out on a date, you know that one, don’t you? I hate to talk about those that you do not remember, because they should be locked down there, in the memory Pandora’s Box. Especially when the thought of that timepiece comes to your mind, damn it hurts.

We all love talking and contemplating about the sweet memories, those moments that had you sweat like those bulls from Busia during a bull fight. There is always something about these relationships that stand out, forget the cock fight stuff, oh sorry bull fight things. There is that one girl you dated that you wish you had another chance with.

And you hate to pick up your phone and call her, you keep telling yourself that a real man quit once, and your friends agree in unison. They tell you she was a bitch and that it’s a good thing you did by cutting her off. You laugh and drink to it. And it is a sweet pain when the whiskey passes down your throat.

The pain, the pain that she was the one who cut you off and not the version you told your friends, where you made yourself the hero. Often, this that girl your dated in your early twenties. Remember the one you promised you would marry? That girl you dated in college and you even cohabited in your final year at the college?

memory lane.jpg

She was there again during your graduation. You introduced her to your parents. Ooh yeah, your old man liked her, though mum didn’t, she was going to steal you away from her. Mum had thought. And mum was happy when it ended with her, at least not on your face. See that girl now? Do you remember her?

I have that type of girl and am going to call her today, ask her if she got married, how many kids she had,  if she beats her husband. If she forces her husband to laughs to her lame jokes, hehe.

I am challenging you to pick your phone call that girl, email her, send her a letter (*how romantic!!!), ask her how she’s doing, talk about those days when you were still young fresh and green. Crack jokes and laugh together because happiness is what the world gives us, be happy friend!


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