Wish me well!

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Life
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December is coming. This time it’s going to be poles apart. This December is different because at around date 23rd, I’m going to dot my undergraduate journey with the last paper of my final year of study. It is my hope all that I have learnt throughout this period, is going to be helpful for the rest of my life. I am going to clear my undergraduate program and join the world they call ‘huko nje’.

I am going to be a newbie again, except that this time nobody is going to help me learn my way around that new place. I heard everyone ‘huko nje’ is busy with their own stuff, their stubborn kids being sent away from school, their mortgage loans, their sick parents, their late dowry payments, their cheating spouses, their car loans, sextapes, HELB loans, side chicks… etc. The list is long. You can’t expect such a person to show you how shit is done out there. They have no time for your green ass.

Good Luck

Experience is the best professor. Funny thing with Professor Experience is that, he does not ask you whether you want a sitting or a take away cat. He can decide to bring that last chapter even before you’ve seen it let alone reading it. That’s the place I am headed. Wish me luck ladies and gentlemen.

I know the big guys at EBK still do not know me, and they won’t,  for a long time till I graduate next year at around the month of April or May, after which they will require me to submit my certificate and transcript to facilitate my registration as a graduate engineer.

It my hope this certificate is going to negotiate the salary for me. And that I am going to be paid highly for my skills. I am going to live life such that I may not find time for my readers here (ouch! That hurts), maybe I will hire a few broke guys to run this blog. Hehehe. That’s what people with money do. They pay others to do the job, does it sound familiar?

I am going to live in a big house. My college single room palatial home is going to bid me goodbye this month. The last time we‘ll ever be on the same lanes. I imagine it will be like the size of a toilet in the house am going to stay in after campus. I am going to furnish my house, that big house with expensive high-end electronics.

Arya Stark

The sound quality is going to be so good that you will be able to hear Arya Stark swallow saliva when talking. Watching movies at my place is going to make you rethink the decision you made when you bought that shit you call a television that you bought the other day.

I am going to start dating again. I am going to dust off my net and throw it out in the lake again. Only that this time I am going to be fishing in areas where the water is cleaner and fish more lighter, hehe. Yes, and I am going to marry that light-skinned bitch. I don’t care what opinions you have, you will have to hush, or rather write it on a piece of paper and…*you know how that goes*.

We are going to have beautiful seven kids. Yes, we’ll have already agreed on the number kids I (read: we) want.Oh God, those boys and girls are going to be pretty!! That’s why I am going to start keeping dogs. Am not a dog person, but for the sake of my daughters, I am going to build a wall around our home and keep dogs at the gate. Hmmm, those kids I tell you!

They are going to break my expensive electronics. And I’ll to like it, because it’s going to be all happiness in that home. And that woman is going to grow more beautiful day by day, and am going to fall in love with her again and again *is this the part where you say alpha and omega?*, even without thinking where we falling at.

Those boys are going to hate me. I am going to raise them into men, real men. They will thank me later, I know they will. Not this ‘bintilike’ men I see around, who catch feelings like that Chelsea’s striker, yeah yule babu. I am going to spoil those girls with love, because they deserve it. I am sorry for those who will want to marry them. The bar has been set too high.

{photo credit: oregonlive.com}


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