Listen, Darling

Posted: November 6, 2015 in Life
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It’s a good thing you are reading this now. By the time we meet, it is my wish that you will already have a rough idea about who you will be getting married to. First, I am grateful that you have trusted and believed in me (read; my vibes). It is a mistake I had not anticipated any lady would make.

It is however a bold and courageous step you have made and thanks for your love. Bae, I believe you have learnt that loving me is going to be difficult task.Having made it to this point, it is clear to me that you have thought about this matter carefully. It most importantly shows how deeply you believe in us and how seriously you think it will work between us.

love letter

I have also had a thoughtful meditation and contemplation and I believe, with little effort, this love is bound to flourish.Beautiful, I have always wanted this and there is no day I will grow tired of your company and carrying your damn handbag even though you know how annoying that is to me. Today is the last day I held that handbag while you were looking for your keys, I don’t know you damned phone.

Tell me sweetheart, how comes you always forget where you put your key? That reminds me, “Why do you always forget your jacket at my place? Your shoes, why are they still at my place? Which shoes do you wear when you left? Tell me my dear, are you marking your territory? Are you doing that thing girls do when they are ready to move in?”

By the time we will be staying together, I know we will have put things into place. If you will still be having the second thoughts of whether I am ‘the one’ or not, forget it my love, there’s no ‘the one’ because I will be here. There are no second thoughts my dear, either we are doing this or not.

You have to be damned sure you want to do this. I will know if you have second thoughts. Don’t lie to me, I’ll know when you are lying to me. Be honest. You know I like that word. I will respect you more for that and many other things.Dear girlfriend, I will not give up on you. Please do not give up on me too, I will do anything you ask, yes, anything.

I will love you more if I can come home and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by you, or put on freshly ironed clothes done by you, or lay on warm bed made by you, or even when someday you forget to wear that old t-shirt that you come to bed with. You don’t have to do this things, especially that t-shirt unless you are madly in love with me. You will see how our relationship will flourish if you humbly consider some of this requests. Say, we get rid of that old bamburi t-shirt during bed time!!!


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