Mr. Headmaster

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'Ms. Peters, hold all calls. I'm busy implementing yet another hastily conceived and unproven education innovation.'

They made me do it. For a long time they had control of me. They made me do things, thing I didn’t want to do. I could tell they enjoyed doing that. Seeing me do things their way. I remember that one time he stood there at the assembly in the morning and ordered everyone to cut their hair by 4 pm that day. By 3.59pm, I swear everybody was clean shaven, like we were going for a military recruit program, you know how you have to keep your hair short for you to even use their mess?

My high school principal was a respected man, and he still is. We feared that man, wait, we obeyed that man. I guess we obeyed and feared with the same measure. His deeds scared most of us. Back when I was still a mono, I once heard one of the form four students say he had a pair of the school uniform and that he sometimes wore it. Oti, the bully claimed the principal did this to spy on students and spot those ‘bad influence’. That justified why he was always expelling students every other day.

Even though I was lucky not to have crossed paths with my principal by the time I cleared form four, he reminded me of my primary school headmaster. To a greater extent, these two people had a lot of common traits. The only difference was that, with the headmaster, there were no rumors of him owning a pair of the school uniform, and by the way nobody had seen my high school principal in his pair too. I later learnt that one of the school captains had played a prank on students so they could wake up for dawn. It was dark and cold and nobody had even heard the bell ring, he had imitated the principal’s voice and got everyone running to class.

My headmaster’s office had this window through which you could see the whole school {yes my primary school was that small, what did you think?}. There is this one time I didn’t go back to school in the afternoon because there was one of those Safaricom’s road show in town and the headmaster’s spies had reported me. That’s how I had gotten the privilege of looking through that window. Whenever a teacher was not in class, we would be making occasional glances at the window. We believed the headmaster was always watching us. Looking for that noisemaker. We believed he could call you at any time through that window.

He would occasionally do it, call you from your class but not through the window. I never for once witnessed that. I never fell into those punishment traps. I brushed my shoes, combed my hair, spread my bed, tucked in my shirt, wore clean shirts, played with friends and worked hard in class. However, there is one thing I hated. Something these people made me do. I didn’t like to cut my hair. For a long time I did, till this day I can say enough is enough. Thanks to all my teachers for all the lessons.

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  1. Haha I love this one..


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