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Posted: March 12, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Club Dreamz, Nyeri

Club Dreamz, Nyeri

After consuming two bottles of GK, Richard makes more sense than when he is sober. He had many tales to tell that day, with different storylines. You could never get bored. He is such a good company when you want those single ladies at the next table to notice just how a good listener you are, except for the loud music which cannot let them differentiate between who is listening and who is talking. Just like any other normal Friday, we had gone to out to have one or two. {Which most of the times turned to six or seven}

The night out always started at County Palace after which we would later move to other joints in town. The design of this club will amaze you. The designer has done an amazing job with the limited space. Who cares about that anyway? To say too much, we only come here to drink, and the reduced prices of beer will draw much of the attention. But, you can’t help noticing this, with those beams only a few inches above your head. And the annoying ‘watch your head’ signs all over the place.

After kick starting the night here with two bottles each, we head down to AP Line. The joint that apart from having a younger audience which we find very active and fun, offers prices that will help you not dig deep into your shallow pocket. A bottle here costs 110 bob only. We decide to only have a bottle each because we cannot find a place sit. We therefore hang around the pool table watching these drunk fellows get into a heated argument because they can’t tell whose turn it is to play. We help the boys out but Mwas does not look very happy with our verdict.

Mwas thinks our peace deal has not given him any favors. That’s the hardest thing about mediation, someone always feel their half side of the bread has many crumbs while the other party feel there are more air spaces in their piece. We head to The Dreams after helping in some nation building and reconciliation. Dreams is where you wake up from your dreams. It is where you dance that shit away from your mind and face reality. It where you realize that dreams are just dreams after all.

The outdoor area that also dubs as the smoking zone, the bars, the couches, the VIP lounge and not to mention good music from an experienced Dj are just but a few things that will startle you here. Because Richard cannot call it a night without puffing some Dunhill for head rush, we decide to sit outside. The music is so nice and at different times, one of us will get up from their seat and make a few moves for their favorite tunes.

It is at this point that I realize I do not have a lot of favorite tunes after all. Because I am that guy who Steve keep asking to watch the table. No one wants to leave this place but we still have to see what’s happening at Happy Times. We just can’t the variety of cocktails at that joint and the shisha pots makes the place the epitome of partying in Nyeri.

The best way to end your night is to end it while you are happy, and that’s the package they serve you at Happy Times. We are all very tired and it’s time to go home have some rest. Tomorrow, I will tell you how each of us handled the hangover part of it. Remember everyone has their own hangover remedy. What works for you might not work for me.

{Image credit: Club Dreamz, Nyeri}


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