The students and staff of Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri are set to climbing Mt. Kenya on the 16th to the 24th of February with an objective to raise funds for the needy students. The campaign dubbed ‘climb to educate’ is the first initiative in the university that will see both staff and students working together to achieve a common objective. You only need to be a student or staff in Dedan Kimathi University to participate.

This campaign is specifically important to the DeKUT family especially during this time when the university staff and students are expected to think together for a better learning environment. This initiative will promote the growth of DeKUT family as they will positively engage in this climb with the purpose of deepening the individual relationships in a new and a refreshing way.

This campaign has been organized by the university to create an endowment fund to support the needy students to achieve their academic dreams. These also makes it the first charity campaign to be organized by DeKUT family to support their own. Preparations and training are underway for this long and exciting. Students and staff who would like to join this initiative are invited for daily training at the Dedan Kimathi University grounds.

With the theme, ‘a cultural and technological expedition’, be part us as we climb to the highest peak in just five days. Come and enjoy the fresh air and the breathtaking views of Mt. Kenya. To find more about the climb, join the conversation on twitter #climb2educate and follow @climb2educate. See posters for more.


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