Suspension time well utilized

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

I hadn’t for once thought of what I would do with all this free time. Having been forced to vacate the university after a students’ demo, I had no other option but to leave for the countryside just like any other comrade. While some of the pretentious comrades left for the city, I had to face reality. If affording a meal at the students’ mess had been a problem, why would I for Christ sake keep my ass around the town? What if they might have liked it?

Life at the university can very challenging. Whether in public or private university. The administration has the choice of making it better or worse for students. This is very ironical because it’s their responsibility to ensure the pursuit of education is smooth and comfortable. Students on the other hand should ensure that they work together with the administration to ensure that they enjoy their stay at the university.

After a two day long stone and teargas exchange, our VC had saw it wise to close the university indefinitely. This meant that we were required to leave for our homes till he calls us back to the university. I should tell you folks that when you get a notice directing you to vacate the university, leave at once because University si ya mama yako, unless you spared some energy to run around.

Student like any other person will raise concerns whenever they feel some issues are not running the correct way. Most of these issues have always been raised to the responsible departments before students resort to the last option of picketing and demonstrations. I do not advocate for strikes, in fact it always results in to more damage than good. Most of the issues raised in this case were genuine, problem is the ears in which they fall in. They can always be addressed without either parties having to witness what I witnessed.

The reality of life occurs in the reserve not in the city. Countryside is where you connect with the society. It is where you meet people who do not care where Sauti sol is performing tonight, or the new joint in Westlands, or the new speed limits on Thika superhighway. They don’t care whether or not you have visited the state house, or whether your blog got nominated for blah blah. They have too much deal with already and there’s no room for such things, things that matter to you.

People back here are not different from those in the city. Being that they don’t give a fuck about what you care most doesn’t make them any superior or inferior. Leaving in the countryside among these hardworking fellows has really inspired me. Yes, good for me!!! They have impacted my life in a positive way. You would not be reading this if it wasn’t for these folks. Among the many things I dedicated my effort on while back in the village, was writing.

Writing is both an art and a craft, you are whichever way you choose to go. I engaged in fictional and creative writing, doing at least a piece of 700 words a day. You will realize my pieces are not that nice, please point out mistakes to help me grow. I like reading and that made me think I would make a better writer! I was wrong, reading isn’t a guarantee that you are a better writer. However, great writers read a lot, and you too can start blogging today.

Staring at that blank page in front of you without any idea of what to write is one of the challenges every writer faces. Among the many techniques that I acquired in this pursuit, is the use of writing prompts. A writing prompt is a word or a sentence that will jog up your mind so you can create a flow of ideas from it. How well you can benefit from using writing prompts depends on how determined you are to succeed. You can start by putting down five writing prompts per day then doing the stories later.

Writing is an art to be enjoyed. The compulsory holiday made me realize that I had the energy I never thought I did. Maybe it was an opportunity for every comrade to evaluate themselves. We can solve issues affecting us in more decent ways than stoning our buses and vandalizing our lecture halls and university structures. Tell me where you were and what you did during this suspension of lectures if you are my college mate. Peace out!!!

  1. I made a six figure amount. Sorry you asked 😰


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