Reborn love

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

He hadn’t seen her since the day they left high school. I could tell by the way she was staring at him that she still cared. She still loved Alex. Alex too cared about Sarah, for him to come looking for her, had only shown how much he had missed her. There’s was a true love, it had endured time and distance. At least, my checkpoints for true love had been satisfied, and surely, this was one.

My sister Sarah had met Alex in high school. Sarah had told me that they had met at a Mathematics symposium that their school had hosted. She had been in form two by that time, young and beautiful just as she was now. Their school had organized this symposium which had brought both the neighboring schools and schools for other regions. As junior students, they never gained much from these symposiums. This was mainly due to the fact that junior students hadn’t covered much of the coursework. Their interest had only been in meeting and interacting with students from other schools. Nothing much about classwork.

Sarah had joined Lwak Girls’ high school form a local primary school from Bondo. As my eldest sister, I had been happy for her for joining such a competitive public high school. She had challenged me to work hard. Alex had joined Maranda Boys’ high School (now Maranda School) also a competitive public school. Alex came from Siaya and had gone to primary at Siaya Township primary school, though his mom was now a teacher in Bondo.

I remember the first day she’d brought Alex home. Alex had come to borrow this Biology book but when he left, he was carrying an Isimu ya Jamii guide book. I was still a young boy by then, I hadn’t thought that someday I would also use that book thing to see my girlfriend. Alex had frequented our home since that day. She was his best friend, they were close. My family liked him, my sister loved him dearly.

Immediately after their last paper in high school, they had both came home, talked about how difficult some papers had been. I didn’t that Alex had purposefully came to bid her bye, he was going to visit his uncle in Nairobi. He wasn’t sure when he’ll be coming back but he promised to keep in touch. That was the last time they had seen each other till this day.

Alex had won a scholarship to pursue a civil engineering degree in Sri Lanka immediately after getting his result. My sister had joined the University of Nairobi to pursue Bachelor’s degree in economics. It had been five years since they had cleared highschool and they were now all grown. Sarah had secured a job with a firm in Nairobi while Alex was moving home to start working on road project in Nakuru in January. These holiday was God sent, at least they had the time to make up before embarking on their careers in the coming year.


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