Killing two birds with one stone

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

This Friday was unusual, the time seemed to have moved so fast. My class had ended so late for Friday. Engineer Harstings is those type of lecturers you don’t want to walk out of their class, unless you want to miss a CAT. Everyone had seated tact till the end. Even Oti, who was popular for always making only technical appearance to the lecture halls. Nobody understood Oti’s life.

From the class, I had walked across the muddy dark field with my classmate Rodin. Rodin is a friend and a neighbor. He is a technology enthusiast. He is one guy you will rarely talk those alcohol and lady tales with, before he switches to this app he’s currently developing, or this new gadget in the market. Anyway that evening we had a common concern. He had also experienced problems taking a shower, hot water at our hostel had recently been inconsistent. Maybe he had an app in mind to solve that, who knows!

I dropped my bag in my room then left to find something to eat. I was tired and hungry. The class that day had drained me. Being a student really demanding, it’s even worse when you are an engineering student. I walked to my favorite cafeteria to have my usual. Damn, I have a usual. A plate of fried fish and hot ugali will make all my juices flow out.

‘Mathe’ is famous for her consistent menu of fried fish and hot ugali. She operates a small cafeteria barely sits eight people. Famously known as Fish Tower. There is no menu here. She does not need one, we don’t need it too. You are however free to make yours and stick at your home. The system here is very easy. What you have to do on arrival is to notify ‘mathe’ that you are in. Then she will add you to her virtual queue. No one cuts the queue here.

The few number of seats requires that you only sit when you’ve been served. Most people use their waiting time engage other customers in those tight political debates of how helpful politics and political institutions are to this country. However, the situation here gets worse when HELB sets in. It is evident that on those occasions, the traffic at the restaurant really explodes and most commoners are forced to eat their food outside on a bench rightly in front of another hotel opposite fish tower. It’s not clear whether this bench is the property of fish tower.

I was surprised on this day not to find the usual crowd here. But then there was a girl. She wore a faded blue jeans, a grey hoody covered her dark top, and she had black boots on her shoes. She was dark with a narrow face and her long dark hair neat falling on her back. She had this athlete body clearly indicating that she takes working out seriously. For a minute, I could not say a word. I could understand what was happening to me. Was I shocked that there was nobody here today or was I being pressured to talk to this beautiful girl?

I walked straight to the counter to order my piece for that evening. As an ‘omera’, I had formed this habit ordering my food in luo. Mathe speaks both kikuyu and luo. Amazing, right?

‘You don’t look like someone from those sides’ the girl had interrupted me before I could even order my food

‘which sides’ I said pointlessly, just to kick start the conversation

‘hukai kuongea kijaka’

‘Hahaha, I guess it’s too bad know it’

‘Naah, I speak it too, I come from Uyoma’

‘Awesome, I went to a school in that region, I come from Siaya. My name is Bernard’

‘Nice to meet you Bernard, I am Becky’

‘Okay Becky, we can talk later. I can have your number so I can call you tomorrow we hang out’ I played that ‘ufisi’ card.

I felt at easy when she said goodnight and left. My chest was thumbing. Holding that converstion had been most breathtaking moments of my life.

I kept thinking about her when she left. Not only about how beautiful she was, but about where came from, Uyoma. It is a place in Rarieda district in bordering Lake Victoria. The place is popularly known for its black cotton soil. With a few of the engineering structures having failed in this region, thorough geotechnical studies of this soil is required to guarantee the stability, safety, and life of future constructions. As a student engineer, maybe meeting Nyauyoma on that day was my call!!!


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